Teacher's FAQ

Teacher Console is missing features to add students, view/add assignments, view/add classes. Where are these features?
All the features related to a teacher are moved to the 'Teacher' menu in the menu bar.

I've heard that Flash will no longer be supported by the major browsers. Does your site use Flash anywhere?
No. All of our content that was originally developed in Flash has since been rebuilt in HTML5, and is compatible with all major browsers and operating systems. All of the games are also accessible via our mobile app, which is available for both iOS (iTunes) and Android (Google Play).

If I subscribe, will my students have access to all the premium content or do they need to subscribe separately?
After you subscribe, your students will automatically have access to all the premium content. They do not need to subscribe separately.

My student has a regular account on the site. How can I add him as my student?
Your student can do this from his account. Please send him your teacher code which appears on your teacher console. Ask him to mouse over his username which appears around top right part of the page after logging in. Then select 'Teacher Code'. Ask him to enter your teacher code on the next page and click 'Submit'. He will be then added as your student and he will appear in the student list on your teacher console.

I added students using 'Add students by email address' but my students have not received the invitation email with their login details. What should I do?
Sometimes the emails go to the 'Spam' folder. Please ask your students to check if there is any email from support@thetamusic.com in their 'Spam' folder. If the email is not in the 'Spam' folder, it is possible that your school/university has prevented the email from reaching the students as it is not from the school/university's server. Please consult your IT department to make sure that is not the case. Please ask them to allow emails from support@thetamusic.com. If your school/university is not restricting emails from the outside, please contact us and we will help you.

My students are not receiving emails from Theta Music Trainer. How can I send assignments to them?
Check that your school does not have a policy prohibiting emails from outside the school. If possible, please ask your IT staff to ensure that emails from Theta Music Trainer are allowed through. If no outside emails are allowed, then please add students to your account using the 'Add students by username' method. Students will need to log in regularly and check their student console for new assignments.

I have two or more students who use the same email address. How can I add them as my students?
You can add them using the 'Add Siblings' feature.