Theta Music Trainer FAQ



If I purchase a premium membership, does that also include access to the mobile apps?
Yes. A premium membership gives you full access to all games and levels on the website as well as the mobile app, which is available on iOS (iTunes) and Android (Google Play).
Is it possible to change the way scale degrees and roman numerals are displayed (for example, IIm instead of ii, etc.)?
Yes. This can be done by changing your settings for the site.
Does your site use Flash?
No. Any content that was originally developed in Flash has been rebuilt to work in all major browsers and operating systems. All of the games are also included on our mobile app.
I was supposed to receive an email from the site (for signup verification or changing password), but I did not receive it. What should I do?
Check to see if the email was filtered to your spam folder, and make sure that emails from are whitelisted for delivery to your inbox.
How can I get my microphone to work for the vocal games?
Please see the audio input instructions for vocal games: for Google Chrome, for Firefox
I am using my Google account on the site. How can I log into the mobile app with my Google account?
Please follow the steps below:
  1. Log into your account.
  2. Go to your account page and change your password. To access your account page, move the mouse over your username displayed around the top right corner of the page. Then select "Account" from the displayed menu.
  3. Use the new password with your username or email address in the mobile app to log in.

You will still be able to log into the website using your Google account like you are doing right now.




If I purchase a premium Studio or School package, will my students also have access to all the premium content?
Yes. Any students that you add to your plan will receive full access to all premium content.
My student already has an account on the site. How can I add him to my Studio or School plan?
Please ask your student to log in and mouseover the username which appears in the upper right section of the page. From the menu that appears, the student can select ‘Join as student’. On the next page, the student will be asked to provide your teacher code, which can be found on the teacher console.
My students do not receive the invitation email (or other emails) from Theta Music Trainer. What should I do?
Many schools use security filters that block email sent to students from non-school addresses. You may need to ask your IT staff to allow mails from '' (and let them know to use and for IP address filtering). If you are unable to modify the mail restrictions, please try the 'Add students by username' option from the students page.
I have two or more students who use the same email address. How can I add them as my students?
You can add them using the 'Add Siblings' feature from the students page.