Piano Games

Theta Music Trainer offers a wide assortment of play-by-ear games for piano and keyboard players, designed to sharpen aural and music theory skills. You can play the first three levels of all games, record your scores and track your progress simply by creating a free account.

Ear Training for Piano Our ear training games for piano will help boost your ability to play melodies by ear. You will develop a sharp ear for melody that will allow you to play back phrases immediately after hearing them. You will also be able to translate the melodies you hear in your mind to the piano keyboard.

Parrot Phrases
Melodic Call & Response
Three Tones Major
Major Patterns
Three Tones Minor
Minor Patterns

Music Theory for Piano We have several games that are ideal for piano players who wish to improve their knowledge of music theory. These games will help you better understand how chords and keys work in music, and will make you a better overall musician.

Chord Spells
Chord Spelling
Tone Trees
Chord Construction
Key Puzzles
Circle of Fifths
Piano Games for Melody Recognition
Music Theory Games