Getting Started

Submitted by admin on Thu, 06/23/2016 - 10:55

Music is all about sound, and the most valuable asset a musician can have is a well-developed ear.

A musician with a good ear can play tunes quickly after hearing them, write down melodies and chords he hears in his head, or imagine a melodic phrase and play it instantly on his instrument. To the unititiated, these feats appear magical - as if the player has some kind of divine gift. In reality, though, they rest upon a set of specific, concrete skills that can be developed through practice and training.

Ear training develops and ties together all the skills that allow musicians to play, improvise and compose music by ear. It is the key to becoming not just good, but great. The ear training games on Theta Music Trainer will give you the practice you need without becoming monotonous or academic.

Games inject an element of variety and fun into your practice routine and help boost your motivation. Basic musicianship skills are often best developed by working away from your instrument initially, in short bursts of concentrated practice. The games on this site are perfect for developing these skills, and are designed to provide a total workout of your musical ear and mind with as little as 10-15 minutes per day of regular playing.

Each game in the Theta Music Trainer is meant to train you in a specific area of musicianship. None of the games require that you read music or have prior training in music theory, but you will need to understand musical notation and also be ready to learn the fundamentals of music theory. All of the games start at the beginner level and progress gradually to more difficult levels.