Welcome to Theta Music Trainer!

We offer a complete system of courses and games that will sharpen your musical ear, strengthen your music theory skills and make you a better all-round musician.

If you're new to ear training and music theory, you can jump right in with our free introductory course:

Introduction to Ear Training


You may also wish to try one of our starter courses for ear training and music theory:

Sound I: Basic Audio & Mixing
Pitch I: Basic Tuning & Intonation
Scales I: The Major Scale
Intervals I: Perfect Intervals


If you'd rather focus on a specific area, we recommend trying some of our games:

Channel Scramble
Instrumentation & Mixing
Pitch Compare
Tuning & Pitch
Flash Chords
Band Match
Speaker Chords
Chord Progressions
Three Tones (Major)
Melodic Call & Response




Assign courses and games to students and track their progress.