Theta Music Trainer courses contain a mix of games that are grouped into daily workout sessions. Most sessions can be completed in as little as 10-15 minutes, and your progress is tracked throughout the duration of the course. If you're new to ear training, we recommend that you start with our Basic Ear Training Course, which will give you a balanced mix of daily ear training games. Completion of this course will prepare you for the next stages of practice in the intermediate and advanced levels of our games.
Basic Ear Training
Kickstart your ear training practice with this foundational set of workouts! Basic Ear Training gives you a thorough, well-balanced grounding in the four core areas of musicianship: melody, harmony, rhythm and sound. Regardless of your current level or instrument, this 40-day training program will sharpen your musical ear and mind!

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Music Theory
Learn how music really works! One of the great things about Music Theory is that it is not theoretical at all. Music Theory skills are actually some of the most useful and practical skills that a musician can develop. This training course will unlock the many patterns found in music and make you a better musician!

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Sound & Audio
Mixers, equalizers, and effects! No matter what your style of music, timbre and tone play a key part of your sound. The Sound & Audio course will sharpen your ability to hear subtle differences in the sonic landscape. Eliminate unnecessary guesswork from your sound checks and start getting the sound you want!

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