Theta Music Trainer FAQ

What is Theta Music Trainer?
Theta Music Trainer is an online music training program using video games for ear training and music theory.

Who is it for?
Theta Music Trainer is for anybody who loves music and wants to understand it on a deeper level. This includes players and singers of all ages, levels, instruments and styles. It also includes enthusiastic listeners who simply want a better understanding of how music works.

Why use games for music skills training?
Ear training and music theory skills are vitally important for all musicians, but they require discipline and repetition. Our music training games provide endless variety and inject an element of fun into your practice routine.

What games can I play right now without creating an account?
Straightaway, you may play the first three levels of these pitch and melody games for free as many times as you wish:

Parrot Phrases - melodic call & response
Channel Match - instrumentation and mixing
Dango Brothers - tuning and pitch
EQ Match - equalization
Vocal Match - harmony singing, tuning & pitch
Speaker Chords - chord progressions

Why should I create a free account?
Because then you can play the first three levels of ALL of our critically acclaimed games as many times as you wish, all for free! This includes exciting and engaging games such as:

Channel Scramble - volume and mixing
Flash Rhythms - rhythm patterns

In addition, by creating a free account you can track your progress over time and get an instant snapshot of your current training status.

Finally, with a free account you will have the option of upgrading anytime to a full-access subscription, which will unlock the full power of our unique training method.

What information do I have to provide to get my free account?
Your email address, and desired username/password. That's it.

Email address? Does this mean you're going to spam me all the time?
No. About once a month, we may send you tips, updates and other information, but you can easily opt out of this at any time if you wish. We maintain a strict privacy policy and do not share your information with anyone.

What are the benefits of a full-access subscription?
A full-access subscription gives you access to all levels of all games, enabling you to take full advantage of our powerful music and ear training program. If you find the early levels of the games too easy, we encourage you to take the next step and find out just how far you can go with Theta Music Trainer.

How many levels and how many games are on Theta Music Trainer?
We currently offer 35 games, and each game has 20 levels. In addition, several of the games contain a bonus 'Master's Challenge' level which you can access if you clear all 20 regular levels for that game. This means that as a full-access subscriber, you are able to play over 700 game levels, with new games and features being added all the time.

How much does a full-access subscription cost?
We offer monthly subscriptions for $7.95/month and yearly subscriptions for $49/year. We also offer special plans for schools and music teachers, whereby you can get 50 student accounts for $99/year, or 200 accounts for $199/year.

Does the cost go up whenever you add new games and features?
No. As long as you remain subscribed to the service, your monthly or yearly rate will never go up and you will still get full access to all of the new games and features that we are constantly adding to the site.