• October: Mobile App Preview, New Black Belt Members
  • September: New Game: More Tones (Major), Member Spotlight: Rickard Dahl
  • August: Back to School Special, New eBooks from Easy Ear Training
  • July: Mobile Development Update, New Credit Card Processor
  • June: More Teacher/Student Features, New Page on Google+
  • May: Improvements to Practice Mode, New Member Spotlight Series
  • April: Theta Music Trainer for Tablets and Phones, New Black Belts
  • March: Teacher Console Improvements, Theta Music at musiclearninglive Asia
  • February: New Server for Theta Music, Competition Results
  • January: Competition: 3rd Annual Theta Music Winter Games 2013


  • December: Flash Intervals (Harmonic), Winter Games Announcement
  • November: Teacher Console Improvements, Games by Belt Class
  • October: Major Update Release, Five New Games, Belt System
  • September: Flash Progressions (Minor), Update Release Coming Soon
  • August: Back-to-School Special, Flash Notation (Notes)
  • July: Summer Special, Flash Progressions (Major)
  • June: Three Tones (Major), Special Offers on Facebook
  • May: New Games in June, Equalization, Music Training and Aging
  • April: New Games in Development, Intervals, Free Intervals Download
  • March: Site Performance Improvements, Matching Pitch, Ear Training Tips
  • February: Expansion Plans, Dr. Spike's Music Theory Clinic
  • January: Holiday Special, Winter Competition 2012